What Horse Insurance Options You Have?

Date Fri 12 February 2016 By Dino Category misc.

Horse insurance is something that is not considered y many people. But it is very important if you have a horse. In fact, if you have horse for business, it is vital to make sure that you protect your equine friend’s health. Any bad thing can happen to your horse, such as unforeseen accidents or diseases that can ruin your horse’s health. In that case, horse coverage will come in handy. There many different types of equine insurance policies that you can use. It is important to know exactly what type of insurance will benefit you most. This way, you will be able to choose the best insurance option available to you.

First of all, bear in mind that your horse is your friend and a valuable possession. You have invested a part of your heart to your equine friend, and you have also dedicated a good amount of your income on the well being of your friend. Horse insurance policies, which are available through your auto or homeowner insurance company, come in different forms.  The level of coverage you can get varies from policy to policy. There are basic medical plans and life insurance coverage. There is a “loss of use” insurance policy. This provides coverage in the event when your horse becomes permanently unable to perform the tasks that you want it to perform. These tasks may include racing, jumping competitions, and trail riding. This coverage pay you a per-determined lump sum.

Other options cover both horse and riders, along with guests. For example, there is a simple horse-owner liability policy that can be added to your insurance or life. This insurance policy will help you pay for any lawsuits that may be brought against you. Then, there are bigger policies that provide coverage for stable owners or people who charged with the custody and care of other people’s horses. This policy provides coverage if the animal gets sick or acquires injury on your property and the stable owners decide to sue you in the court of law. In this case, this insurance policy will cover your legal defense. There are policies that provide coverage for those horses are are taken outside of country for competition.

Another horse insurance policy that you can use is commercial equine policy. This policy provides coverage for ranch owners or farm from litigation in the event when someone becomes injured on their farm or ranch. The same policy also pays for damages caused by a fire or any other property damage. It is important to note that commercial policies are similar to farm policies. There is only one different between them: farm policy provides coverage for your own horse, rather than someone else’s.

If you own hunting and riding club, you can purchase a policy to protect your club from any lawsuit that might stem from any activity in your club. You can also use events liability policy for protection against litigation. This is possible if you host an event to which the general public is invited.