How to Prepare for a Pet Emergency

Date Wed 23 March 2016 By Dino Category misc.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Having pet emergencies can be extremely traumatic and stressful not only for your pet but also for you. In order to reduce the stress you will feel during these emergencies, then you better prepare the things you need should an emergency occur. If you know what to do, you can help in saving the life of your pet dog or cat.


First of all, you have to ask beforehand what your emergency vets Wigan have as emergency care arrangements for their patient. Inquire about situations that would happen during and after office hours. It is even more important to take note of the emergency arrangements during after hours since this will mostly be the most stressful experience for you. Know whether the vet you are relying on has a team to carry out emergency treatment at night.


See to it that the team is made up of experienced and highly qualified nurses and vets. They are the ones who are truly dedicated to working with critical care and emergency cases. They should also be skilled at dealing with accidents. In case your vet uses out of hours vets Wigan, then you need to get their contact number and inquire about their location.


Consider how the pet will be transported to the clinic of 24 hour vets in Wigan during emergency situations. It is only a given to bring the pets to the clinic during emergencies. After all, the clinics have the right staff, drugs, and equipment to be able to provide immediate treatment for the pets. Think whether you will be calling for a cab or using your vehicle for it.


In case an emergency occurs in the evening, consider what you would do if you have had an alcoholic drink. You need to consider who you will call to pick you up and deliver you to the vet clinic. If you want, you might want to keep the contact details of the local pet-friendly cab company. The number for the ambulance from or other vet clinics will work too.


If you have a large dog, you will definitely find it difficult to transport the pet. Think about whether or not you can lift the pet. If not, then you will need to find assistance to help the pet get into the vehicle. Ask someone in advance to help you out in such cases.


There are times though when you can call for a house visit. This can be arranged. However, it might take time to organize the house call. There are even times when it is better for you to bring the pet to the vet clinic, especially when the vets or nurses scheduled for a house call end up becoming limited in the treatment level they can provide when they are away from the vet clinic.


Always keep the phone numbers of your vet in your smartphone. You can even save time calling the vet if you have it on speed dial. The faster you get emergency care for your pet, the higher the chances you have for saving your pet's life.